Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scott Family Teasers!

Loved her choice of the little pops of color in their outfits!

Those Gorgeous Eyes!!

(I am in love with this one... the drama of this photo , it depicts exactly what she was doing.. placing the apples so daintily on the chair) SO SWEET!!!

Let me introduce you to the adorable Scott Family!!!  Their little Addie is the sweetest little 15 month old. I could not get enough of her!  Little girls are just the cutest and this one was so patient! She was so great the whole time minus her bumping her face on my apple bushel basket :( sorry little one!  But, she got right back up only cried for a sec ... she was awesome!  I had such a fun time with you 3, I hope you did too!  Thanks for the chance to meet you Emily & Nephi!!   Hope you enjoy your teasers more to come!

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