Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hollie & Kevin...

Meet Hollie & Kevin's ADORABLE family!  I had so much fun with this bunch!  You were so easy to work with!  Jake & Lexi the 2 older kids LOVED the camera and were little naturals! And sweet little Kambry is just a little chunk I couldn't get enough of her!  So darling!  Enjoy your teasers for now guys!  Thanks for being so great!  :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bella's One...

Miss Sassy Pants... where did she get that from ... I wonder??? :)

My sweet little bella is just about ONE!  Where did a whole year go??  Here is just a little taste of the many expressions of her... she is such a little love and we adore every bit of her can ya tell??  I guess we better enjoy this sweetness now because from the looks of her sassy expression above.. OH BOY!  We are in for trouble :)  All of the hairpieces shown above are from my wonderful Sis In Law's Shop RILEYLANE !  Check her out she is AMAZING and will do anything you want!!!  The ADORABLE Cake was done by my amazingly TALENTED friend Jamie!  She is so AWESOME Check her out HERE!  Special thanks to my sil for finding the awesome cake location along with my momma for being my assistant through both shoots! :)  And of coarse thank you to Bella for making my job even more enjoyable! xoxo

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Daxton's One...

This little guy is having a circus theme for his first birthday so, how adorable are his little suspenders, top hat and popcorn!  I couldn't get enough of him!  Such a sweet little guy!  Enjoy your teasers mom & dad!  Many more to come :)

Darrohn Family...

It just doesn't get any more perfect than this little family... Even the dog is perfect :)  We had so much fun on this shoot.. ok mostly the girls but, everyone was such a trooper!   Enjoy these little teasers for now!  Thanks so much Brooke!  Congrats you guys on a BEAUTIFUL family! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Riley's 18 months!

Meet Mr. Riley! When babies smile it lights up their whole face i just love it!   My S.I.L found this AMAZING truck how absolutely perfect for his shoot!  Enjoy these few teasers!  Thanks girl :)

Brody, Bently & Riley...

Let me introduce you to my ADORABLE 3 nephs!  We had so much fun on this shoot and these kiddo's did so awesome!  We got a little break in the wind and went for it!  Enjoy these little teasers for now.. many more adorable ones to come :)  Thanks Cassidy!