Monday, November 15, 2010

2010 Christmas Cards ARE HERE!!!!!

#1 Pieces

#2 Stripes

#3 Holly
#4 Houndstooth

#5 Patches

#6 Shabby
#7 Flower

#8 Cozy

#9 Flakes

#10 Postcard
Any of these designs,Yours for just $20!

Time to start thinking CHRISTMAS CARDS!!! So, So Excited about these!! Introducing this years Vintage Holiday Christmas Cards!! Each is listed with a number and style so just shoot me an email or send me a message of which one you would like, and I will plug in your personal photos and text! Photos do not need to be done by Chasing Dandelions! Each purchase comes with 1 full res card for print! Happy Holidays from Chasing Dandelions Photography! (** please note photography on these images were not done by chasing dandelions **) Thanks!