Monday, October 5, 2009

Beauty All Around...

Thought I would share some of my favorite fall photos... these were taken with the Nikon D300 in Bear Lake, just before a large snow storm passed through!

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jennihaywood said...

Hi!! Gosh you are one talented Lady! I would LOVE to schedule a session with you asap. My girlfiends and I are leaving to California and I would like to bring some pictures for them to see. I have teenagers. We have 6 kids but I think only 5 will be involved. I think I would like to focus more one on one because of our oldest not being there. So e-mail me or call me so we can set something up. I am really excited! My family will be so happy to get "fresh"pictures.LOL! My e-mail address is:
my number is 801-779-4200
Would it be too soon to get together as early as next week? I am thinking about doing Logan next year in the spring with the entire family but maybe you have some fun ideas that would be close for both of us! I will look forward to hearing from you!